What is Maine’s Food System?

“From production to consumption, the Food System is comprised of many parts working in tandem to move what we eat from soil and fishery, to fork. How these parts interact with each other impacts the health of localized economies, ecosystems and communities.” –The Maine Food Strategy Framework – Maine Food Strategy

For more information on Maine’s Food System, check out the Maine Network of Community Food Councils and The Maine Food Strategy.

Who can be listed on the Atlas?

We welcome all Maine-based organizations and businesses that play a role in Maine’s Food System. This includes everyone from farmers, to restaurants, to non-profits addressing food insecurity, and more.

How do I list my Maine-based business or organization?

It’s easy! First, create a free user account. Then, fill out the form to add your location(s) to the Atlas. Check back regularly to keep your information and offerings updated.

Does it cost to be listed in the Atlas?

No! Any user can list as many locations in the Maine Food Atlas as they want… for FREE!

Who is using the Atlas?

The Atlas is used by a diverse group of individuals and organizations across the state. Some users are interested in answering the question “what’s near me?”, whether that may be CSAs, tractor suppliers, or food assistance sites. Other users are using the Atlas to document and understand Maine’s complex food system so that they can better work towards food security, vital local economies, or sustainable food production.

Visit User Stories to learn more about some of the groups using the Atlas.

Why is my location in the Atlas if I didn’t put it there?

Many of the locations in the Atlas have been added by groups like Local Food Councils who have an interest in mapping their local food systems. If you see your organization or business in the Atlas, that just means that someone really values showing the world what you do!

How do I take control of my listing(s)?

If your location is already on the Atlas, and you didn’t put it there, you can easily request ownership of that location. Just create a free user account, then email us at info@mainefoodatlas.org with your account username and the name of your business or organization. Once we receive your email, we will transfer ownership of the listing and then you will have the ability to edit everything about the location, including the contact information, photos, descriptive text, and food system categories.

What is a Maine Food Atlas Mapathon?

At a Mapathon, many people come together to document their food system in a fun, social, and productive environment. Local knowledge is the driving force behind the success of the Atlas, and Mapathons are an excellent way to record that knowledge in each of Maine’s food communities. And because many hands make light work; a two-hour mapathon can add hundreds of new locations to the Atlas. To learn more, check out this Mapathon Quick Start Guide.

Who administers the Atlas?

The Atlas is administered by the Center for Community GIS (CCGIS) with support from the Maine Network of Community Food Councils. CCGIS is a diversified mapping company located in Farmington, Maine.

Can I download data from the Atlas?

Yes, and no. At this time there is no public download option available. However, if you are a researcher or a public interest group wanting to dig deeper into the data behind the Maine Food Atlas, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss ways to support your data needs.